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• 5 parts gin
• 1 part vermouth dry (e.g. "Martini Extra Dry")
• a lemon or a green olive

ice cubes

cocktail glass

Stir the gin and vermouth with some ice cubes in a glass. Now strain into the cocktail glas (the ice cubes stay in the glass you used for stiring) Now cut a piece out of the skin of the lemon and squeeze that piece right above the drink. Instead of squeezing the lemon skin you can simply put a green olive in the cocktail glass. Just as you like - both are called Martini Cocktail.

Bartender's Tips and Advice

The Martini Cocktail is a real classic among the mixed drinks. The big question regarding this drink is how much vermouth and how much gin you put into it. The ratio of 1:5 I chose for this recipe is a quite popular one, but try the martini cocktail with less vermouth and see if you like it better. Some people will just swill out the glass with a little bit of vermouth and pour it away before adding the gin.

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